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Hair Loss is starting to affect both male and female at younger ages. The cause of hair loss depends on the individual. The biggest form of thinning hair is male pattern baldness and starts between ages 20 to 40. The pattern starts at the temple and recedes down the sides of the four head. There is also a chance that a bald patch may also form on the top of the head. The technical term for Hair loss is alopecia.

 What Are the Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women?

 The cause of Hair loss is not always simple to figure out, genetics is the main cause of Hair loss (Alopecia) and affects both men and women alike in different ways. Other causes of hair loss is a fungus better known as ringworm that is found on the scalp that leads to baldness as the hair will just fall out due to the infections.

 This Hair loss symptom is usually found in children's hair loss and has a Hair loss remedy and treatment that your doctor can start. Once the infection is under control the hair will grow back normally.

 Sickness and medical hair loss can be caused by our own bodies which range from diabetes or a thyroid gland disease which can hinder our ability to stop Hair loss from happening. Liver and kidney disease can also hinder hair growth, a hormone in balance called polycystic ovary syndrome can be a clause in Hair loss for women and teenage girls. Hair coloring or chemical treatments have the ability to cause temporary Hair loss as does poor nutrition and diet.

Proper Eating and Vitamins May Help Maintain Proper Hair Growth

 If your body is not receiving the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals and proteins you will find it hard to maintain proper hair growth. Menopause Hair loss and having a baby is the most common reason for female hair loss. Although hereditary hair loss is the most common cause of Hair loss (Alopecia) it is good to be informed and to recognize other causes that can cause baldness because knowing some hair loss treatments will help to easily correct your hair thinning.

Hair Loss Causes Are Different in Both Male and Female Hair Thinning

Hair loss affects men and women of every age and race. Some people think men are only prone to Hair loss and hair thinning right to baldness when compared to women. Losing hair for both genders is a common thing but Hair loss symptoms and causes differ between the two.

 The biggest cause of Hair loss whether you're male or female is from andrgenetic alopecia the medical term but better known as pattern baldness. Although there are some difference in the cause and effects of Hair loss there are a few common reasons that affect both genders such as a poor diet, hormonal and balanced, smoking, alcohol consumption, DHEA supplement and a big one is stress related hair loss.

Hair Loss Difference between Male and Female

  • Hair Loss Causes for Women: The most ordinary thing that affects women is hormonal imbalance, which can be caused by a few different reasons. Birth control pills, which use progesterone drugs, can act like androgen, which causes alopecia hair loss in a few women. The drug will create higher levels of testosterone, which increases the DHT in your body leading to female pattern baldness, check with your doctor on the right medication. Menopause is a big thing for a woman's body and can also cause a hormonal imbalance leading to what they call menopause Hair loss.
  • Male Hair Loss: Hereditary Hair loss is the biggest cause of hair pattern baldness for men. Hairloss in men can also occur when the body produces too much DHT, which in the long run causes the inflammation of your scalp. This is where the male body figures the hair follicles are foreign objects and will attack them, there is a medical hair loss treatment to help this symptom. Hormonal factors also affect male hair loss which are androgens and they play a significant role in male pattern baldness.

Tips on How You Should Treat Your Hair to Help Prevent Hair Loss

  • Avoid Using: Chemicals for hair straightening or even perms, high temperature curling irons and blow dryers. Pulling hair or braids that are too tight can inflame the roots, which is a cause for Hair loss. 
  • Shampooing: Only use the soft pads of your fingers and never your nails on your scalp to help prevent hair loss.

Hair Drying May Be Harmful to Your Hair Heat from hair drying may damage your hair, hair loss, hair loss treatments.

  • Drying Your Hair: Don't rub hair hard with a towel as this will damage the hair and root itself always pat dry. If you use a hairdryer keep it on cool don't damage the hair by exposing it to high temperatures this will be cause of Hair loss.
  • Sun Protection for Hair: Hair damage from the heat and UVs of the sun can be just as bad as it can for your skin. Always protect your hair by wearing a hat and use and leave in conditioner with sunscreen if you're planning on tanning.
  • Swimming: Wash and neutralize the chlorine by using a good hair loss prevention shampoo that contains mostly as its main ingredient EDTA.
  • Stress: Hair loss stress is very real and the best way to fight it is to try and reduce it by medication, exercise, reading, meditation or anything that will calm and relax you as you can stop Hair loss by lowering your stress levels.
  • Hair Loss Nutrition: always try to eat a well-balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit and take the proper amount of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Decide What Kind of Treatments and Hair Loss Prevention Is Best for You

It does not matter about the cause of Hair loss that has started your hair thinning or baldness problems. What is important is how you are going to treat your Hair loss problem and try to start a Hair loss remedy as soon as possible. If you start a Hair loss treatment right away it will give you more choices for how you want to start your hair loss restoration. There are many different methods used to treat a receding hairline and overall hair thinning.

 If you wait too long your options may be reduced to surgical hair loss treatments, check with your Hair loss Doctor on what treatments would be best for you. All of us at want to help inform you with more information on Hair loss so you can decide on the cause of Hair loss and how you want to treat it. .

Hair Loss Medication-Treatments & product remedies for hair growth
If youre searching for the most effective Hair Loss Medication, its not likely that youll be able to find it without your medical hair restoration doctors help. True, there are a large number of natural hair treatments you can try without consulting him.But he will be able to assist you in finding the best hair loss treatment to deal with the particulars of your hair loss.

Hair Loss Solution-Prevention of hair loss and thinning hair
People frequently wonder which Hair Loss Solution is the best. The important thing to keep in mind is: no matter what the cause of your hair loss is, you can do something about it. Once you put your mind to it, there’s nothing that you can’t accomplish. Fighting your hair loss problem is a war that can be won once you get the right Hair loss solution.

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